Friday, 1 July 2016

Good Morning Messages

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Let’s 4get Our Own Sadness by Creating a Little Happiness 4 Others,
Bcz whn We R Gud 2 Others We R Best 2 Ourselves.

Happiness is Like Butterfly
D more U Chase it d more it Eludes U
Bt if U Turn Ur Attention 2 other things,
It cmes & Sits Softly on Ur Shoulder

Beautiful Life may be an Imagination.. but
Living Beautiful life is even Beautiful than Imagination”
Life is Urs so “Love it & Live it”

I Looked at d Rising Sun & askd-
What do U hv to Teach Me Today?
I Heared a Voice which said
“Always Generate more Light than Heat”

We always Worry abt Our Looks, Status &Power.
Bt d Truth is dat they neither Matter 2 those who Love Us,
Nor 2 those who don’t Love Us.

It’s Gud 2 hve Money & d thngs Money cn Buy
But Its Gud Too,
Once in while, To Check & make Sure dat
U hvn’t Lost d thngs dat Money cnnt Buy..!

Simple Principle of Life-
-Never think U r Nothing
-Never think U r Everything
Bt alwaz think U R Something & U cn Achieve anything..

Meaningful Msg 4 Life:
Sea is never Large, bt Sight of Our Viewing is Larger,
No one’s Love is Lesser bt Our Expectation R Higher!
Gud Morning!

Life is B To D = Birth to Death.
Bt Between B & D there is C = Choice..
& Our Life is a Matter of Choices..
So Try 2 mke Right Choices..

Thr’s alwz another Chance 4 Everything in Life..
Bt Fact is, thr is no Chance of another Life..
So Dream it,
Mean it, Live it,
Love it..
Good Morning


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