Friday, 1 July 2016

Friendship Status

best friendship staus

Friendship is the most important part of our life , Show your love for friends with our most beautiful friendship whatsapp status .
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True Friendship is Hard to Find,
Specially a Friendship Like Yours and Mine.

What is a Friend?
A Single Soul Dwelling in Two Bodies.

”Your Friendship is a Gift, I Enjoy Opening Every Day.”

I Wished Upon My Lucky Star,
And I Got ‘You’ an Angel Friend!

Anyone can make You Smile,
But it takes Someone Special to make You Happy.

A Day Spent with Friends is Always a Day Well Spent.

A Friend is One who Believes in U,
When U have Ceased to Believe in Urself.

”A Friends is the One who Know all about U,
And Still Likes U.”

How Rare & Wonderful is that Flash of a Moment,
When We Realize We have Discovered a Friend!

A Friend Like You … Is a Joy Forever!
I’m so Glad I have You!

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